How to make money with Telegram by using your smartphone

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In this article, we will discuss about how to make money with Telegram by using your smartphone? Right now everyone wants to make money while sitting at home with the help of Computer/Laptop and Mobile. We should be thankful to the technology that nowadays we can make money by just sitting at home. There are plenty of apps available which give an opportunity to make money while sitting at home. But be careful, there are too many scams and frauds apps are also available. You must research on your own before using any applications. So here we will discuss about one of the most trusted app which is Telegram. If you do not know what is Telegram and how it is used then let me explain to you in detail.

What is Telegram ?


  1. What is Telegram?
  2. How to make Telegram Channel?
  3. How to make money with Telegram?
  4. How to grow Telegram Channel?

Telegram is one of the top and popular messaging application like WhatsApp. Telegram is available on Android, Windows, Linux, and IOS. We can share audios, videos, photos, and smileys, etc. This means all types of documents can be shared with Telegram users.

It contains features like chat, call, create new groups and one of the best feature is secret chat.

Note: In Telegram, there is a feature that enables us to make groups and add more than 100K members without any limitations. In Telegram, there is an option called New Channel which will help us to make money with Telegram. We will discuss this in detail.

How to make Telegram Channel?

How to make money with Telegram using your smartphone. We will know about this but first of all you will need to create your Telegram Channel. The steps are mentioned below.

Step 1. Download Telegram app and click on start messaging.

Step 2. Now create your account and verify with OTP. Now your account is created. Be ready to create your channel.

Step 3. Click on 3 lines in left side you will find an option create a new channel please click on it.

Telegram Messaging

Step 4. After clicking you will find a new page where you have to enter your Channel name and description and then click on right mark in right side.

Step 5. Now your Telegram channel is created and now you can add new members with help of channel link.

How to make money with Telegram by using your smartphone ?

Here are the list of top proven ways to make money with Telegram by sitting at your home.

  • Link Shortener:-If your channel is providing content related to movies and webseries then you can take content from any website and share their link in your channel but before sharing links you need to short content’s link by using link shortener. Whenever users click on links share by using link shortener the users will be showing advertisement and for this you will be getting paid.
  • Earning Apps Sharing:- You can make by sharing earning apps links in your channel.
  • There are lot of Earning Apps available. After registration in these apps provide referral links which you can share in your channel and definitely you can make money.
  • Affiliate Marketing:- It is one of the most popular way to make money by using Telegram Channel. You can sign up for affiliate with, Flipkart and start sharing your affiliate products link in your channel . When users click on affiliate links given by you and purchase any products then you will get handsome commission.
  • Sponsorship:-Once you get a good subscriber base, there are lot of apps which can give you sponsorship to promote their apps and make money.
  • Promotions:- If your Telegram channel have a lot of subscribers then you can promote others Telegram channel and for this you will be paid. Apart from this you can also promote your website/blog and youtube channel.
  • Sell Telegram Channel:- If your are an expert in creating and managing Telegram Channel then you make money by selling Telegram Channel as well.

If you want to make money by using these above mentioned ways then you need to grow your Telegram Channel.

How to grow Telegram Channel?

Creating Telegram channel is easy but you won’t be making money by creating channel and putting content in it. For making money you have to grow your Telegram channel. You need a good subscriber base to grow your channel. You need more numbers of subscriber to grow. Then only you will be able make money out that.

So, here I am sharing few tips how you can grow your Telegram channel.

  • Name:-First of all you need to decide what kind of contents you will publish on your channel. If you want to publish contents related to movies/web sereis. Then your channel name should be related to movies. Whenever users search anything related to movies your channel name will appear.This will help to grow your channel.
  • Most Search: If your are not able to decide on what kind of channel you want to create then try to find out the trending and most demanding topics of Telegram and create your channel related to these topics. It will help you to grow and reach on a large scale.
  • Sharing: Start sharing your channel link on your social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. This will help to grow your channel.
  • If you have your own youtube channel one of the best platform where you can share the link for your Telegram channel in video description .
  • Paid Promotion: You can promote your Telegram channel with the help of other Telegram channels who have a good numbers of subscriber but this is paid.
  • Regular Post: To grow your Telegram channel you need to post contents on regular basis.
  • A good thumbnail/image: While posting contents always keep in mind to add an attractive thumbnail.

So here we have learned how to make money with Telegram by using your smartphone. It is easy to make Telegram channel but it is not easy to make money. To make money you have to work hard and consistently. But this is a good option to make money. There are lot of people making money with Telegram.

If you have any questions and feedback then please let us know in the comment.

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