Jio Announces to charge Rs 0.6 per minute for voice calls

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Jio has brought the festival surprise to all the 300+ million users. Jio announced that the users have to pay the charge for voice callings. The announcement was made on 9 October 2019. This is the first time when a Jio user has to pay for voice calls. According to the Jio telecom company, it was charging only for data services till now. But after this annoucement, it will also charge for voice calls. If the customers will call from Jio to another service provider such as Vodafone and Airtel it will charge Rs 0.6 per minute. If both the customers are Jio users then there they would not have to pay any charge for voice calls.

High lights Of Jio for the annoucement

  • Jio telecom had to pay Rs 13,500 crore UIC amount to the other telecom companies.
  • The users have to buy at least Rs100 voucher.
IUC Top-up Voucher Amount (in Rs)IUC Minutes(Non-Jio Mobile)Free Data

Free Voice calls from Jio to Jio

All the Jio users can enjoy free voice calls from Jio to Jio. According to the Jio telecom company, the company will not charge for voice calls on Landline and Jio. All the telecom companies may start this plan very soon.

TRAI can change IUC charge

The IUC charge was cut down from 14 Paise to 6 paise per minute by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India(TRAI) in 2017. TRAI also promised that this would have ended in January 2020. If TRAI would not have extended the deadline of the IUC charge then Jio telecom would have to pay a huge IUC charge amount. Jio has already paid Rs13,500 crore to the Airtel, Vodafone, and Idea for Interconnected Usage Charge(IUC). According to the company, Jio took this step to overcome the loss which the company was facing because of TRAI.

All the telecom companies may start this plan very soon.

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