Mount Kailash


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We all know that Mount Everest is the highest peak in the world. It is located in the Mahalanger Himal subrange of the Himalayas, the international border between Nepal and China runs across its summit point. The current official elevation of 8848(29,029), recognized by China and Nepal, was established by a 1955 Indian survey and subsequently confirmed by a China survey in 1975. The first group who have seen the top of the Mount Everest was Tenzing Norgay and Nepalese Sherpa. They reached the top of the mountain on 29th may 1953. After that many mountaineers climbed and reach successfully the top of the Mount Everest. But I’m going to about The Mount Kailash which is also known as the house of Lord Shiva.

Mount Kailash

The height of the mysterious mountain is 6638metres (21778 ft). The mystery of Lord Shiva living in this mountain remains till date. None of the mountaineers has climbed and successfully reached the top of this mountain. This mountain is 2210 metres below then Mount Everest, but still, no one has reached the top. Why? This is everyone’s question. Many people believe that the legendary mountain is where Lord Shiva resides sitting in a state of perpetual meditation along with his wife Parvati. It is him who makes it difficult to climb the mountain for mortals.  In 1926, Huge Rutledge, an English civil servant and mountaineer along with Colonel R.C. Wilson had made an attempt to climb the legendary mountain. Accompanying them was a Sherpa called Satan and three spent sizeable time around the mountain. Rutledge considered the north face of  Kailash to be 6000 feet high and called it utterly unclimbable Colonel Wilson claimed that “just when I discovered an easy walk to the summit of the mountain, heavy snow began to fall, making the ascent impossible ” because of this reason they have to stop at certain point. They were not the only group who tried to climb Mount Kailash. Another mountaineer a Russian climber, Sergei Cistiakov said “when we approached the foot the mountain, my heart was pounding. I was in front of the sacred mountain, Mount (sic) which can’t be beaten. I fell extremely emaciated and suddenly I became captivated by the thought that I do not belong on this mountain, it must necessarily come back! As soon as we started the descent, I felt liberated.

History states while there have been many attempts to conquer this mountain, no one has been successful in the endeavour. There has always been one or the other reason why the mountain couldn’t be scaled. While the story of Lord Shiva residing at the peak of the mountain excites many. The same 10 people believe vs the reason why no one has ever climbed to the top of it. The last record attempt at climbing Mount Kailash was when the Chinese Government had given permission to a Spanish team to climb the peak in 2001. However, it was followed by an instant outrage among people across the world whose faiths believe that the Kailash is the holiest mountain. There are many unrecorded attempts by the mountaineers to climb Mount Kailash. But everyone failed to fulfil their dreams. After coming back from Mount Kailash mountaineers say that they forget the path and was lost in the snow. It is true that Lord Shiva is stopping the mortal humans to climb mount Kailash the holiest place. the beautiful Mount Kailash holds the Mansarovar Lake. Kailash is a beautiful place to visit many people go there to admire the beauty of Mount Kailash and other goes to see how the holiest mountain or should. But the mystery still remains behind this mountain that why it is unscaled. What makes Mount Kailash so intriguing? Some Russian scientists have studied the great mountain to a great extent and have put forward an idea that Mount Kailash could be the man-made pyramid, and might be the ultimate paranormal phenomenon that connects all the monuments in the world where similar things have been observed. It is believed to be the centre of this worldwide system.

Mount  Kailash is believed to be the Axis Mundi, literally the ‘Axis’ of the world that provides a connection between the earth and heaven, between the physical world and the spiritual world. The celestial centre of the world where heaven meets earth. Legend says that Mount Kailash is the early manifestation Mount Meru which is the spiritual centre of the universe according to Buddhists, Jains and Hindu cosmology. Every year thousands of Buddhists, Jains, Hindu and Bonpo pilgrims circumambulate the foot of Mount Kailash which is 52 km long. The beauty of Mount Kailash will also make the humans speechless. Rakshatal is believed to be the lake of Raavana or the demon where he performed his penance to please Lord Shiva.

The shape of Mansarover is that of the Sun and Rakshatal has the shape of crescent Moon. Both the lakes are located close to each other divided by a thin isthmus and still while Rakshatal is constantly stormy, lake Mansarover remains calm throughout the year. There are many reasons but still, we can’t say why no one can reach the top of the Mount Kailash. What is on the top of the Mount Kailash is still remains a mystery.


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