PUBG Mobile’s alternative FAU-G is going to launch in October

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PUBG Mobile is banned by the Indian Government on 2nd September with other 118 Chinese Apps. FAU-G, PUBG Mobile’s alternative will be launched in India in October. The FAU-G will be developed in India by nCore Games in Bengaluru. AtmaNirbhar Initiative is being carried forward by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The decision is taken that the FAU-G game will be developed in India.

FAU-G Fearless And United Guard is being developed under the mentor of famous actor Akshay Kumar. The actor Akshay Kumar said that 20% of its net revenue will be donated to Bharat Ke Veer. 20% of the revenue from the game will be donated to the Indian Army. PTI said that the game based on the real scenario that the Indian Army faced. The gamers will experience the real things wich the Indian Army faced during wars on the boarders and other places.

Players Unknown Battle Ground is banned by the Indian Government on 2nd September 2020. PUBG Lite is also banned in India. After the step is taken by the government the players are looking for some other alternative game. PUBG Mobile was one of the most download games or applications in India. Some people played this game professionally and earned money by streaming their game on YouTube or from some other way. But some people also used to play this game just for fun. Some children were addicted to the game, they even forget everything when they once started playing PUBG

In FAU-G five players can join in a team to fight against the enemy. This game will be available on Play Store and Apple App Store by the end of October this year when there will be a festive season in India. This will be a Diwali gift to all the Indian gamers from the Indian Government.

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