Read Whatsapp Deleted Messages By Using Simple Techniques

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We get many messages on our Whatsapp daily. Some messages are useful to us and some are useless. We people do not have enough time to read and check all the messages. We delete many messages without checking and reading and after deleting we realize that the message was useful to us. People send messages on Whatsapp and they delete that message within few minutes because they think they have sent a wrong message so they delete that message. This makes us curious to know about that message, but we can’t do anything.  There’s nothing to worry about the deleted messages. You can check and read those deleted messages also.

The deleted messages are stored in the notifications of the android system. If you want to read those messages again, then you have to download ‘Notification History’ application from google play store. After downloading this application you have to allow it to read the Whatsapp messages, you have to give access to photo and media, after that, you have to go to notifications history settings and have to give permission to Whatsapp notifications.

With the help of this application, you can read not only Whatsapp messages but also all the notifications on your phone. But there are some conditions like if you restart your phone you’ll not able to read Whatsapp deleted messages.  You will not be able to recover any messages after 100 characters.

This application reads the deleted messages:

  • Go to google play and search Notisave
  • Install and open it
  • This will ask for access, you have to give access to photo and media.
  • There will be different notifications in front of you. chose WhatsappWhatsapp
  • Select Whatsapp in show on the status bar.
  • After this go to setting and select application edge date on.
  • Now you can see deleted messages.


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